Analog Optics

RFoG Micro Nodes for CPEs at HFC Networks

DOCSIS 3.1, Standard & OBI-controlled Micro Nodes

Product Key Features

  • Compatible with DOCSIS3.1
  • Operating Temp : -40 ~ +65°C
  • PON Pass-thru Features
  • Frequencies D/S & U/S - D/S: 54 ~ 1002MHz , U/S: 5 ~ 42MHz

Product Specifications

Standard SFU/MDU Micro Nodes

Product Part # Wavelength Tx Power RF Power Inquire
LCB52-SSAU-UMC 1310/1550nm 3.1dBm 18dBmV/ch (SFU)
LCB42-SSAU-UMC 1610/1550nm 3.1dBm 18dBmV/ch (SFU)
LCB42-DSAU-UMC 1610/1550nm 3.1dBm 18dBmV/ch (SFU)
LCB42-SSAU-UMB 1610/1550nm 3.1dBm 36dBmV/ch (MDU)

Main Function

  • Wavelength Sweeping Algorithm with Cooled DFB Laser
  • PON Pass-thru Features
  • Single Family Unit & European/US Frequencies
  • Operating Temperature : -40 ~ +60°C
  • Compatible with DOCSIS 3.1


Lambda SweeperTM OBI Control with Tunability

Product Part # Wavelength Frequencies D/S & U/S Tx Power RF Power Inquire
LCB42-SSAU-ACD 1610/1550nm 104~1218MHz & 5~85MHz 3.1dBm 18dBmV/ch
LCB42-SSAU-DFD 1610/1550nm 258~1218MHz & 5~204MHz 3.1dBm 18dBmV/ch
LCB42-DSAU-DFD 1610/1550nm 258~1218MHz & 5~204MHz 3.1dBm 18dBmV/ch